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Accessibility, elevators, stair lifts and industrial platforms

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The company Reine, situated in Sarrià de Ter, manufactures two new models of chair stair lifts that are commercialized under the brands Ger y Osor, devised to help people in wheelchairs, prams, etc., in both public or private areas.
Reine’s consolidated position within the market of devices for accessibility of those with mobility problems, allows this manufacturer to launch an efficient and economical option both for straight and curved staircases.
The Ger platform is a cost-effective solution for straight stairs and can be installed whether inside or outside. It has a modern and innovative design as well as the highest safety and reliability standards.
On the other hand Osor is conceived as a more economical option, with a robust and compact design to overcome stairs with turns or level changes. It can be used whether inside or outside and its movement is soft, silent and free of vibrations.
The platforms move using a single rail that can be fixed onto the Wall or on pillars. Both platform and arm-rests fold automatically occupying the minimum space.
Reine SA is one of the most important manufacturers and distributors within the elevation system sector in Spain. The company, which has more than 60 years’ experience within the market, is expanding its business offering innovative and technological solutions applied to made- to- measure elevator systems. The perfect solution to overcome any accessibility, architectural or load barriers.

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