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What is a short rise vertical lift?

A short rise vertical lift is a vehicle by the fixed displacement of a passenger car, allows transport people to the next floor of a building with differences in height ranging from a few centimeters to 3 meters travel. Most vertical lifts have a high load capacity and allow us to travel accompanied or with more objects than in a chair or a platform lift.


  • Unlike chairs and platform lift, vertical lifts are installed outside of the staircase. This allows independent use of it while we use the elevator.
  • can be mounted both inside and outside the building and feature buttons on each stop to call them.


  • The vertical lifts make it easier for elderly or with reduced to access to a higher level without any difficulty.
  • They are ideal for owners’ associations or public or private use, whenever it is required to overcome only one level.
  • The installation is very simple as it adapts to any constructive requirement, even prevents the execution of works.