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Stairlift for straight staircases

Straight outdoor stairlift

  • The Quars stairlift is specially designed for straight staircases.
  • It has been developed to provide a highly reliable product at a very attractive price.
  • It is very easy, safe and comfortable to use. The stairlift is operated by an intuitive joystick.
  • All the components can be folded up, minimising the space it takes up when not in use.
  • This stairlift is battery-operated, so it can even be used in the event of a power cut.
  • The batteries are automatically recharged at any point on the rail when the chair is idle.
  • It has a remote control to manoeuvre the stairlift to the desired position.
  • The aluminium rail is fixed to the staircase floor or wall and has the option of a folding rail for the bottom stop when it meets a doorway or corridor.

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