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Accessibility, elevators, stair lifts and industrial platforms

Together we find the best solution!

Enier, manufacturers of elevators

Every architectural barrier presents a new challenge that needs to be overcome in different ways. Right from the drawing board, Enier studies and offers you the best solutions. With a long line of accumulated experience, and after listening to our customer requirements as well as researching into advanced solutions, we guarantee reliability, security and the upmost quality in all our systems.

Since 1970 the Enier brand’s objective has been to offer effective solutions to elevation requirements which are both comfortable and safe. Currently, Enier is a synonym for specialization in the sectors of elevation and accessibility, having designed, manufactured and installed thousands of our products throughout Spain as well as exporting to other countries.



Our very own department of R+D+i comprising of an experienced group of engineers who are always aware of customer needs, are at constant work to provide new solutions as well as incorporating the latest technologies to all our equipment.

Enier, our solutions

Enier’s commercial infrastructure is made up of highly qualified technicians who are able to identify and recommend the best solution as well as providing a professional assessment service andestimates free of charge.

Own production

logo-distribuidorsExclusive distribution

Assistance and after-sales service

The After-sales service Enier and its dealer network is always close to you to provide an effective maintenance and solve any possible impact in the shortest time possible.


ISO reine, s.a. is certified with Standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015