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Accessibility, elevators, stair lifts and industrial platforms

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Maximum capacity up to 200kg

  • Caterpillar stairlift Pública transports all seats, both manual and electric.
  • It is the only portable stair lifts lifting platform.
  • Provides an easy and instant accessibility to places where the stairs are an insurmountable barrier.
  • Its unique platform allows you to accommodate all types of wheelchairs, sports chairs and even conventional adult chairs.
  • Public caterpillar is ideal in public buildings or homes.
  • Easy to use, robust and incorporates safety accessories.
  • Economical compared to elevators or stairs fixed platforms saves wheelchair
  • No need for installation permits or modifications, or facilities in the building
  • It does not decrease the width staircase
  • A single unit can provide access to several buildings
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Total autonomy with the possibility to use in emergency situations including power outage