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Lift, good-lifts and stairlifts

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For loads of 300 to 5.000 kg

  • PLATFORM MPH: A mast rails guides
  • Ability to access 3 faces
  • Tapered rollers with double inner bearings and adjustable on the rail guides
  • hydraulic system, electric motor, driving oil pump, filter, solenoid descent
  • power control valve, manual lowering valve, pressure gauge and temperature sensor
  • High quality materials, maximum strength
  • emergency stop button
  • Security Timer final tour
  • Parachutes mechanical cable break safety (optional)
  • Hydraulic wedge stopped (optional)
  • guided lateral wheels (optional)
  • Floor, skirt, axles, wheels and pulleys in steel (optional)
  • galvanic bath entire structure (optional)
  • Platform slip sheet
  • Does not require machine room.