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We have added a new model of single-family lift to our existing collection. The Enier EHS-12, has undergone a renewed manufacturing process and incorporates the maximum user safety together with an attractive design and a moderate price, therefore satisfying customer needs at all levels.

The ability to adapt to small spaces, easy installation and use together with price, are the main features of this product, allowing us to offer better solutions to our customers. High component reliability and increased performances make the Enier EHS-12 lift the single-family lift that complies with all needs and expectations of even the most demanding customers, as well as adhering to all the norms and directives presently required by law.

The optimized Enier EHS-12 works at a speed of up to 0,15 m/s with a 2,2 ó 3 kW engine depending on configuration, that allows for 5 people to be lifted up to a 17m distance and a maximum load of 450Kg. The lift can be adapted to different spaces with a minimum cabin size of 575x600mm. (That together with the structure is ideal for stairwells found in old buildings) up to cabin size 1.500×1.200mm. The Enier EHS-12 engine can feed off single-phased electric supply as well as three-phase. The incorporated auxiliary battery prevents the user from being trapped in the cabin should there be a loss of electric supply as well as lowering the lift in a safe and comfortable way

The Enier  EHS-12  is a consolidated lift, as we have been installing a high number of them throughout Spain since the beginning of 2014, with complete customer satisfaction. This adds strength to the reliability and high performances of the lift, as well as its contrasted quality.

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