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Accessibility, elevators, stair lifts and industrial platforms

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Mono-rail stairlift

    • Stairlift Ivori: Built on the measure of the stair
    • For stairs with curves or landings
    • Ideal in narrow stairs
    • The railing is fully preserved
    • Possible future expansion of rail to upper floors
    • Monorail harmoniously integrated into the ladder
    • Do not hinder foot traffic
    • Start and Soft Stop
    • Safety sensors in the engine casing, footrest and guide
    • leveling device and parachute safety
    • Manual Rotating the chair left or right, optional electric rotation
    • With electric rotation, the chair can be driven back
    • Non-slip and retractable footrests automatically
    • seat and retractable arms manually
    • Integrated switch operation in the arms
    • Operating remote control at the top and bottom of the stairs
    • Arms cast aluminum with seat belt
    • very comfortable and stylish ergonomic chair
    • Fireproof upholstery with wide range of colors fabrics
    • Discreet design with perfect adaptation to the environment
    • Stand-alone operation with batteries, automatic load
    • Audible alarm off load points
    • Easy and intuitive use
    • Quiet, comfortable and safe
    • Fast installation and without works.